AirWire is the worlds first gesture driven electronics prototyping platform.
AirWire by brings coding capabilities to your fingertips! This new smart system reads finger gestures and turns them to code to help to make programming electronics as easy as swishing your fingers.
design research and experiments
What's the level of dexterity that people have with doing tasks such as writing, drawing and making clay models when they see what they are doing from a viewpoint different than their own?
What kind of gadgets do people invent when given blocks that represent electro-mechanical components?
What kind of gadgets do people invent when given actual components? How do they connect them?
How do we make making easier for people? What's out there in the market? What are the failings of each of those solutions? How should my solution be placed against existing products?
design + tech development
AirWire is an industrial design project who's meat and potatoes are electronics and the way we interact with them. The design process was a consciously hands on process that had elements of digital and physical making and testing of various technologies paired with design sketches, all serving a goal of making electronics simpler to access. 
The product design of AirWire had to bring together two kinds of aesthetics: a fun, playful one that people find accessible and likeable, and also a scientific, instrument like aesthetic which makes it feel like a technical apparatus. 
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