The Doohickey is a short film produced by Viraj Joshi at Fjord Stockholm, with the theme of design and technology futures, digital assistants, big tech, and augmented reality.
Fjord Stockholm (Internal), 14.01.2019
Speculative Futures, Stockholm 16.06.2020

tHE WRONG • Jul 2020
Bitácora Naranja (in Spanish) • May 2020
Design Voices (Fjord) • Mar 2020

We live in a world rife with amorphous technology that’s complex to understand and has far-reaching effects on our daily lives. Artificial intelligence and digital assistants have found their way into our worlds through phones, speakers and even our houses. Yet, it is only the big tech companies which dictate the future of these over-powered technologies.
This film is made using speculative and critical design techniques. To know more about how, READ MEDIUM ARTICLE.
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