People often ask me what I'm doing now. So, here's my attempt at sharing my current activities with you. As these change, I will update this page.
May 2019
I started working with Fjord, Stockholm as Designer 
January - March 2019
I worked with MIT Group of institutions in Pune, India to start India's premiere masters course in innovation, that brings together elements of Design, Technology, Humanities and Business. I was in the team designing the course content and structure for the one year programme.
October 2018
I worked as an Industrial Designer on Prof. Peter Childs' hush-hush project. Also showed AirWire at Science Museum's We Are Engineers festival and interacted with about 500 kids, which was awesome!
August / September 2018
I'm currently working as a design / engineering / physical computing consultant to realise some of Chris Lefteri Design Studio's ideas for a German car manufacturer along with Matteo Bandi. I'm also teaching at the Imperial College Global Summer School for their future visions module and have been commissioned to do some design fiction illustrations for them.
Also, showed AirWire at London Design Festival! Here's a press release about the same!
July 2018
I just finished the showing AirWire at RCA and Imperial College shows. I'm working on AirWire with the InnovationRCA to think about how plausible it is as a business, while also weighing various avenues to develop it as an interactive exhibition piece or a manufactured product.

This 'now' page is part of the bigger project Nownownow by Derek Sivers.
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