Walking in South Patlypatras
A guide to walking through the world's oldest Graeco-Indian Capital City — Patlypatras, home to the celebrated Nalenxandra University that has been laying foundations for philosophy and social studies for over 2000 years, and to the cradle of an ancient polytheistic belief system and an astronomy system that traces it's roots to both Ancient Greece and India. The unique temple is built from white marble colums and panels sourced from Greece, and monolithic black carved rock from India.

An exploration of an alternate Indian History
How might things have turned out if Alexander the Great had marched onto the Nanda Empire, and defeated their army in 326 BC?
Would Patliputra, the long standing capital of many Indian Empires be his capital as well? Would Patliputra on the Ganges, be very similar to London on the Thames with deep historic significance and a rich melting pot of cultures? Would the philosophical prowess of the west come to universities like Nalanda in India? Would a Graeco-Indian society be a confluence of the best of both worlds?

Conceived, designed, and drawn by Viraj Joshi , for Indianama 2019. Massive thanks to Daniele Tatasciore, Inês Boski, Om Marathe, and Shaleen Wadhwana.
November - December 2019.