I write, draw, and make videos of speculative design fiction.​​​​​​​
A short science fiction story about neural interfaces and a post-work world, performed at Virtual Futures' Near Future Fiction event in London.
It is set to be published in print and digital formats in a collection of the same name in March 2020, available worldwide through Amazon.
Design very often borrows from Sci-Fi. What we design is a reflection of the future we want to be in. What we design is a reflection of the future we want to be in. Therefore writing and drawing fiction may prove to be a great way of coming up with innovative ideas for the times to come - that's something that I would like to include in my mainstream design practice as well.
Future Fictions is my masters dissertation at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London that investigates if the stories and fiction in our pop culture influence our inventions and design and what is the scope of these influences. Send me an email if you want to read the document.
U+ has been designed with Eirini Malliaraki, Sarah Cronin Rodger, Simon Cundall.
Vibrissa has been designed with Andy Carrera, Claudia Arnold, Matthew Rice, Nick Hooton at Imperial College London's Morphological Computation Lab (ThrishLab).