2017  •   2 Weeks  •   Group of 5
This project is inspired by the amazing work happening at the Morphological Computation lab: https://thrish.org/ at Imperial College, London. Special thanks to Dr. Thrishantha Nanayakkara for being an incessant source of inspiration for this project.
Like other animals, humans used to use our hairs to heighten our perception and navigate space in times of danger. Although rats still need their whiskers to navigate dark tunnels quickly, humans are increasingly needing to navigate an equally challenging, but non-physical environment - the digital world.
Our digital communication space is touchless, overwhelming in volume and ambiguous because of shallow, filtered content. Can we use our hair follicle reactions to provide a physical, intellectually passive and intuitive form of digital communication?
Each node represents a special relationship - someone whose communications you’d like to feel in a unique way, free from the noise of typical social media channels.
The sensing unit detects aspects of a wearer’s activities and emotions, and transmits these to the receiving wearer.
The Vibrissa units are distributed in pairs, once device for each member of the relationship. We designed the device similar to a piece of jewellery, worn on the body and borrowing from the rich ritual of exchanging precious wearable articles.