Så anlände Gnomen!
"And so the Gnome arrived!"
– A Fjord Fable
“I am grateful to be here, in a manner that’s tremendous.
Gather around, let me tell you a tale of how I am Bold and Generous.
“In the days of the past long forgotten, I fended farms from Goblins vile.
Bold was my demeanour, fighting with wooden clubs was my style.
I looked at uncertainties with wit, resourcefulness, and an approach merry;
Never was I afraid, despite the Goblins being big, dangerous, and scary.
Now, you show the same wit and grace, or so I’m told.
I would fit in great with folks ever so cheery and Bold!”
“But, don’t judge me yet, for a gruesome brute, I am not.
And there’s a wiser, kinder quality that I’ve also got!
Crafty as I am with my weapons, so am I benevolent and big of heart,
I help everyone in a jiffy, no prejudice, and empathy to set me apart.
That makes me like you – I don’t think I’m being presumptuous,
For you too, Fjordians, are wise in your kindness, and fearlessly Generous!”
“All that is fine, little Gnome”, says Sofia, “But what are your hard skills?”
“Have you done some design projects we can see?” continues Ruth-Ann.
“What’s… what’s design?” Asks the Gnome.
“Look, we can’t hire you without practical skills, or prior experience.” says Sofia.
“Yes, I’m sure you’ve been very bold in fending off crops from Goblins, and been a brilliant symbol of good luck, but that’s not what we’re looking for, at Fjord.” says Ruth-Ann.
“Isn’t there anything I can do? Anything at all?” The Gnome is relentless.
Ruth-Ann and Sofia look at each other.
“Well there is this one thing you could do at the Studio–”
Words and Art by Viraj Joshi, Winter 2020 Gnome.
An addition made to the Gnome on 23rd June 2021.